Our Story

The Hummingbird is a symbol of positivity. As a totem animal, it symbolises joy, freedom, perseverance, creativity, love and healing. These are the espoused values over here at The Hummingbird (THB) Massage Parlour and we hope to warmly welcome you and provide nothing but an amazing experience. 

We aspire to be an avant-garde relaxation club and the cornerstone of Thai relaxation is without a doubt; Thai Massage. Beyond Thai massage, we also offer a range of services to try and cater to the relaxation needs of every individual. 


The Journey

We humbly invite you to embark on this journey of relaxation with us. The journey starts in the heart of Bangkok; Chidlom. From Childlom BTS, we are located 5 minutes walk away. Escape the warmth of Bangkok into our cooling glasshouse and you will be greeted with a cup of thirst-quenching tea by our friendly and loving receptionists. 

Immerse yourself in the THB experience as you visually explore the inner architecture, breathe in the array of soothing scents, relish in the flavours of our unique teas, change into our soft fabrics and let your ears take in the sounds of nature as you lay back and relax. 

Recharged from the relaxation, be guided by our masseuse and continue your journey. At this point, you can also choose to participate in our Yadom workshop or have one of our refreshing “Humming Paradise” as you re-enter the bustling pace of Bangkok.